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Earn thousands $$$ per day in daily income using our models to predict overnight gaps. Daily stock alerts sent before close so you can buy at close and sell at open the next day. Never miss an overnight winner. Get Started Today!

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About us

Have you ever watched a stock open 20% above the previous closing price and wish you had known about it to buy in earlier before the gap? This service will alert you to high momentum stocks using our proprietary algorithm, identifying tickers with highest chances of gaping up overnight.

Performance History

Our performance speaks for itself. We consistently pick winners and have an outstanding track record. Here is the past week live trading results from our alerts. All options were bought near the close on the day of the alert and market sold at open the next day to secure gains.

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Risk Management

Risk management and bet sizing are the most important aspects of earning consistent income in the market. We will teach you proper Risk and Bet management so that you are confident in placing your trades. Calculate your earnings using Monte Carlo Analysis.

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